Post mortem report of man who was brutally thrashed by civic officials in Rajasthan says he died of cardiac arrest

New Delhi: The post-mortem report of the CPI (ML) member and activist, Zaffar Hussein reveals that he died due to a cardiac arrest and not due to the thrashing meted out to him. Zaffar was allegedly lynched by government officials early on Friday after he objected to their photographing women defecating in the open.

According to the report from District Hospital, Pratapgarh the scalp, skull, vertebrae, membrane, brain and spinal cord of the deceased were found to be healthy as were the Thorax and Abdomen organs and parts.

Superintendent of Police, Pratapgarh, Shivraj said that. “In the opinion of Medical Board tentative cause of death is Cardio-Respiratory failure. The final cause of death would be ascertained after FSL and HPE reports of viscera are received.”

He said that the preliminary report of the port-mortem reveals that the deceased died due to cardiac arrest. “The report doesn’t reveal any major injuries on Zafar Khan at the time of his death.”

He also claimed that the investigating official along with him had observed the dead body after a complaint under section 302 of the IPC was registered. “Like in the report, we too didn’t find any outer manifestation of grievous injuries. There were some scratch marks on his body, but nothing that could be fatal,” he told the DNA reporters.

Zafar’s brother Noor Mohammed filed a FIR against the officials he named five officials including Nagar Parishad commissioner Ashok Jain stating that they punched, kicked and hit the deceased Zafar Khan with sticks which resulted in his death.