Post Bulandshahr clashes, cops ask locals to pledge against cow-slaughtering

MEERUT: A video 27-second video from Meerut went viral in which a cop can be seen making people pledge against cow slaughter.

Two weeks after clashes erupted in Bulandshahr over alleged cow slaughter, police are making villagers take a pledge against cow-slaughtering by holding meetings in villages.

Teams of police personnel are approaching villages that are known for incidents of cow-slaughtering and persuading villagers to not indulge in cow-slaughter as it is forbidden by law. The police are even asking villagers to be vigilant and report any such incident.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Rural Meerut, Rajesh Kumar, said that the police are informing villagers to not indulge in cow slaughtering as it creates “law and order” situation and also asked the police to register case against the entire family of the individual who in whose house beef is found.

“Since the income from cow-slaughtering is used to feed the whole family, we will take action against the entire family of the individual who is involved,” Kumar added.

“If beef is found in a house it means the family members are hiding a crime and helping those who are involved in it. Therefore, they are also equally responsible and hence will also be booked,” he said.

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In order to keep a tab on incidents of cow-slaughtering, the police have also involved the “Gram-Pradhan”, “Chowkidar” and “Lekhpal” to be its eyes and ears and to make villagers aware about the crime.

“We are taking all preventive measures to prevent cow-slaughtering. By holding meetings in the villages we are making sure that any active cow-slaughterer should not remain free,” said Kumar.

On December 3, a police officer, Subodh Kumar Singh, and Sumit, who was later named an accused, were killed after clashes erupted in Bulandshahr.

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Agitation began after locals allegedly found cattle carcass, and thus demanded all illegal animal slaughterhouses in the area to be shut down.

The district police have released pictures of 18 accused absconding in the Bulandshahr violence case and will attach movable properties of these individuals.