Posing as Amit Shah’s ‘nephew’, man dupes BJP MLA in Ujjain

New Delhi: A man posing as nephew of BJP president Amit Shah and citing a fake theft story not only enjoyed the hospitality of Ujjain BJP MLA Mohan Yadav but also duped the legislator of thousands of rupees.

Yadav, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) legislator from Ujjain, told reporters on Friday that a man phoned him on Wednesday morning, identifying himself as “Niraj Shah, the nephew of (party president) Amit Shah”.

Yadav, who was in Bhopal to attend the ongoing session of the state assembly, was then smooth-talked into having ‘Niraj Shah’ entertained in Ujjain and helped out of various troubles he conjured up.

“I called my friend Naresh Sharma in Ujjain to help him,” said Yadav.

Sharma entertained the man at his own home. He also bought ‘Niraj Shah’ a new mobile phone when the latter said his phone had been stolen. The privileged ‘nephew’ was also helped with an air ticket to Ahmedabad and other assistance.

By the time Yadav realised he has been deceived, the trickster had disappeared.

The legislator has now filed a complaint with the police.

M.S. Parmar, the in-charge of Madhav Nagar police station in Ujjain, said that the police is investigating the complaint.