Pope Francis feels ‘like a mother-in-law’

Vatican City: Pope Francis, in lighter vein, has said he feels “rather like a mother-in-law” when called upon to give guidance. “I feel rather like a mother-in-law giving advice on what should be done,” the Pope said on Tuesday. pope Asked what advice he had for families in the world’s second largest economy, where work pressures can separate parents from their children, Francis said: “I would suggest a healthy realism.”

“First, I must be reconciled with reality. I don’t like it, I am against it, it makes me suffer, but if I don’t come to terms with it, I won’t be able to do anything. The second step is to work to improve reality and to change its direction,” he stated.

In the landmark interview, Francis also sent Chinese New Year’s greetings to the Chinese people and President Xi Jinping, the first extended by a Pope to a Chinese leader for the lunar new year in 2,000 years.