Pope Francis calls for civilian protection in Syria

Vatican: Calling on the international community to ensure the safety of civilians in Syria, Pope Francis on Sunday said, “The winds of war are still blowing and we are receiving disturbing news of a possible humanitarian catastrophe in Syria, in the province of Idlib.” He told this while addressing a crowd at the Vatican during the Angelus prayer.

Midday has quoted Pope as saying, “I renew my appeal to the international community and to all the actors involved to use diplomacy, dialogue and negotiations in accordance with international humanitarian law to protect the lives of civilians”

It must be noted that the UN has also shown concern over the situation in Syria and appealed to international parties involved in the Syrian civil war to do everything to prevent open warfare in Idlib. Idlib has a population of around three million people, which is recently used by Bashar al-Assad government as a repository for rebel fighters and families evacuated from other regions of the country.