Poor persons should stay clean, it costs less: Manohar Parrikar

Panaji: Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Tuesday said that poor people should also stay clean and that it costs less to stay clean, pointing out to the lack of hygiene, especially by street vendors hawking outside the state’s biggest medical facility here.

“Let us be clean, neat. Poor persons should also stay clean. I think it doesn’t cost. In fact, it costs less… Simple things can be done. All those things will happen,” Parrikar said, while speaking at a Health Ministry function and exhorting people to ensure hygienic conditions.

The Chief Minister was particularly critical of lack of hygienic conditions outside the Goa Medical College and Hospital, located near Panaji and warned of action.

“The MLA and sarpanch (village head) is here… I do not want to block someone’s livelihood, but if you are poor and you start peddling on the roads, then it will not be tolerated. I will make appropriate place for it, if need be,” Parrikar said.

He also pointed out to an increasing trend of criticism in the state, adding that according to police intelligence reports as many as 25 press conferences were being held everyday.

“Some people have a habit of criticising. I am seeing it. I get the police report. There are 25 press conferences every day. Do you know that?” Parrikar said.

“One doesn’t know who is taking these press conferences and for what. Some are so tired of holding press conferences that they only issue press notes with photographs. Let us not go into those controversies,” the Chief Minister also said.