Poor Muslims ridiculed in the name of Ramazan Package, reservations denied

Hyderabad: Govt. of Telangana has declared to celebrate Ramazan Eid officially, to distribute clothes to two lakh poor Muslims and also to arrange Iftaar in Masajid in order to please the Muslims. The Muslims of Telangana are not going to benefited in this manner. In order to eradicate educational and economic backwardness of the Muslims, concrete steps have to be taken. This is possible only by providing 12% reservations for Muslims.

It may be noted that Mr. KCR had made an election promise to provide 12% reservation for Muslims within four months of assuming charge but no concrete steps have been taken in this regard. He is making an attempt to please the Muslims by offering Ramazan Packages in the form of clothes and food grains. Govt. is providing clothes worth Rs. 395 per head which is less than the cost of clothes that are being purchased by the Muslims for distributing Zakat. Distribution of clothes worth Rs. 395 is in fact a mockery with the poverty of the Muslims. If the Govt. provides 12% reservation for Muslims, at least 60 lakh Muslims would be benefited. Govt. is giving clothes to two lakh Muslims during Ramazan, if reservations are provided to them, these two lakh families will be in a position to give Zakat to other poor persons. Govt. has prepared a package of financial assistance to be given to Muslims worth Rs. 15 crore, it covers 100 Masajid of the city and 95 Masajid in districts. CM is also hosting Iftaar Party at Nizam College on 29th June for 5000 guests. Every Masjid is being given Rs. 2 lakh for providing food to the Muslims. Clothes would be distributed to two lakh poor Muslims from 17th to 22nd June. The package of clothes contains 5.5 meter cloth for Kurta and Paijama, a saree with blouse and Chudidar Paijama, Kurta and Udhni. Last year, this package contain two sarees and a cloth for Kurta and Paijama. The agency which was entrusted the job of distributing clothes last year had received Rs. 455 for this package. The same company has agreed to provide all these clothes for Rs. 395. It is very surprising that for purchasing 5 meter cloth, one has to pay Rs. 300 and how it is possible to purchase saree and pair of garments for women for the remaining 95 rupees. The cloth selected for this package is also of low standard. An official of the Dept. of Minorities Welfare commented that this cloth would be useful only for one day.

It is understood that Muslims are not showing any interest in Ramazan Packages. They are awaiting concrete steps for their development. Govt. of Telangana constituted an enquiry commission which has no power to recommend reservations.

It is very surprising that the political parties claiming to be the representatives of the Muslims and the leaders of ruling party are the ones who are happy with these packages. Muslim leaders of TRS should make a representation to the Govt. for providing 12% reservation for Muslims but it is very regrettable that such leaders are very much anxious about getting Govt. positions in various institutions. By supplying ordinary clothes, the hearts of Muslims cannot be won. It will not eradicate educational or economic backwardness of the Muslims.

–Siasat News