The poor deprived of petty loans whereas Corporate owe crores of debts

Hyderabad: People of India are worried about the rising prices of Rice and Dal and they are forced to take loans to combat rising prices. National level corporate companies are ridiculing the poor people of India. They are engaged in turning the portals of power in their favour by taking crores of rupees as loans. The people who promised to bring back black money are now sending safely those who usurp Indian money.

After the incident of King Fisher Airlines businessman, Vijay Malya who usurped crores of rupees, the names of such companies are becoming viral on Social Media who borrowed huge amounts of loans in order to promote their business. The owners of these companies are enlisted as the richest persons of the world and due to their wealth they are not only deemed to be the respectable citizen of the county but also presumed as the job providers for the poor peoples of the country.

Anil Ambani’s company owes Rs. 1, 25, 000 crore wheras Vedanta group has to pay back a debt of Rs. 1, 03, 000 to the banks. Essar Group owes Rs. 1, 01, 000 to various banks. In the same manner, Adani Group which is supposed to be very close to the ruling party has borrowed Rs. 96000 crore from the banks. JP Group is indebted to Rs. 75000 core and JSW Group has to pay Rs. 58000 crore to the banks. GMR Group has borrowed Rs. 48000 core from the banks and Lanco Group has borrowed Rs. 47000 crore from various Financial Institutions. Videocon Group owes Rs. 45000 crore whereas GVK Group has borrowed Rs. 34000 crore from various banks. The information making rounds on Social Media are reliable to the maximum possible extent. Despite borrowing crores of rupees, these companies and their owners are enlisted as the honorable persons whereas the poor borrowers are treated with contempt in Indian Society. A common man borrows money from the banks only when he is in financial crisis.

–Siasat News