Poor country like India cannot afford corruption: PM Modi

New Delhi: Asserting that a poor country like India cannot afford luxury of corruption, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said the State should be policy-driven and not based on whims of an individual. Addressing a function on anti-corruption, he emphasised on use of Aadhaar and other information technology-based applications to check corruption.

“When we make rules and if there is any ambiguity in it which is open to people’s inference then it opens door for corruption. That is why State should be policy-driven. It should not run on individuals’ whim. If state is policy- driven, then there are restrictions for ifs and buts. And if there are no ifs and buts then there is no scope for discrimination,” he said.

The Prime Minister said if the government emphasises on policy-driven State then there will be less scope for interpretation by an individual.

“Law, rules and system will speak for itself. One will get what he deserves. That is why our efforts are to make all the things policy-driven and in black and white because of which nobody will get to do anything ‘idhar udhar ka’ (malpractices),” he said.

In an advice to government departments, Modi said people must be involved while making draft laws for any governance- related matters.

“While making laws if we use many minds then the law would be good. Secrecy does not matter in this,” he said.

The Prime Minister was speaking during the valedictory function of vigilance awareness week (October 31 to November 5) organised by Central Vigilance Commission. He said there has been degradation of values in the country.

“A poor country like us cannot afford luxury of corruption. If only few takes all the money (that to illegally) then how will common men will be benefited?” he asked.

Modi said the common man is honest and is willing to pay any price to ensure improvement in the system.

Referring to Aadhaar, he said information technology has major role in checking corruption and improving system.

“There is a common perception that “sab chor hain” (all are thieves). This perception of pessimism makes a man worry… We can change these things with the help of technology,” he said.