Pooja Bedi gets many mythological show offers

Actress Pooja Bedi, who has participated in shows like “Khatron Ke Khiladi” and “Nach Baliye”, says she keeps getting offers to feature in TV soap operas, especially the ones based on mythology.

“I’ve done top reality shows. There is no point doing shows that aren’t at par with them. I keep getting many offers for TV soap operas, and strangely a lot of them are mythological. None seem to be interesting enough or have the budgets that would convince me to accept them,” Pooja said in a statement.
What’s keeping her busy these days?

“I’ve been actively doing a lot of courses and research into healing modalities, alternative therapies, science, physics and metaphysics. I’ve done multiple diploma courses and have finally amalgamated it all into what is called the ‘Happy Soul’ workshops,” she said.

The actress believes happiness is a state of being.

“We are dealing with all the trials, traumas, tragedies and obstacles that will naturally cross all our paths. This course teaches you how to surmount each obstacle with ease and understanding,” said the “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar” actress.

Her venture is a robust, intense and full-fledged guide to what she likes to call – “The Science of Happiness”.
“It covers all that I have learnt in clinical, behavioural hypnosis, energy healing modalities like Reiki, magnified healing, soul temple, heal your life, gemology and crystal healing,” said Pooja.
How did she come up with the concept?

“I’m always asked ‘How I’m so happy all the time?’ Despite all that I’ve gone through, be it death of my mom, suicide of my brother, divorce, starting from scratch, issues with dad, pressures of single parenting, broken relationships… I believe that it’s never what happens to you but your reaction to it that shapes your reality.

“A lot of people don’t know how to pull themselves out of their rut and how to change realities. In technology, you routinely have an ‘upgrade’ for your phones and computers. Our personal inner software needs upgrading too,” said the daughter of actor Kabir Bedi.

Is it something that she practices personally as well?

“The first in the series is Personal Transformation. It’s all about empowering people with all the knowledge, skill sets and tools to take any situation head on, rescript what’s not working, healing all that has been damaged within and around us, manifesting goals and being in complete balance and state of constant happiness,” she shared.

The next one is Teenage Triumph which aims to help teenagers deal with hormonal changes, peer pressure, academic stress, authority issues, anger management, addictive behaviour (be it substances, gadgets or relationships) and to understand their rapidly changing emotional, mental and physical states.