Ponnam, Ravi Mallu condemn arrest of Kodanda, Others

Alleging that the TRS government was reminding the Nazi’s rule in the state, former MP Ponnam Prabhakar has said that it was atrocious on the part of the state government to arrest the Telangana JAC chairman Prof M Kodandaram, who made it clear that JAC will organize the unemployment rally at any cost, in an undemocratic manner at midnight by not giving permission to the rally.

In a note, Ponnam has condemned the arrests of the students and peoples’ organizations leaders by seizing the roads leading to Hyderabad from districts and Osmania University. The TRS government was adopting suppressive policies more than the united Andhra Pradesh governments earlier, by not giving permissions to organize rallies and meetings. The arrests of former Justice Chandrakumar, Telangana protagonist Dr Cheruku Sudhakar, Prof PL Vishweshwar Rao and several students of Osmania University shows the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s feudalistic ideals, he alleged and warned KCR that the latter will not remain in history by ruling the state in a monarchic attitude. He demanded KCR to release Kodandaram, other JAC leaders and Osmania University students immediately and respect the peoples’ movements.

Condemning the arrest, TPCC vice-president Mallu Ravi has said that arresting Kodandaram at midnight by breaking the gates of his residence was undemocratic.


Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Wednesday, Ravi said that the way TRS government arrested Kodandaram was never happened in the United Andhra Pradesh. The KCR’s rule was reminding Nizam’s rule, he said adding that Kodandaram has the history of uniting all sections of the people during the separate Telangana movement. People have the right of lodging protest in democratic country, he pointed out and asked KCR to tell whether questioning on jobs was a crime. “Is it naxalite agenda of KCR”, he wondered. KCR given jobs to politically unemployed but neglected the youth who fought for the sake of Telangana state, he said and claimed that KCR was scared while seeing the unemployed youth. He made it clear that KCR cannot stop movements by suppressing them and said that the KCR government has made self goal by detaining Kodandaram. (NSS)