Ponnam asks govt to disclose contents of May pact with Maharashtra

Former MP Ponnam Prabhakar has questioned the TRS government to tell whether it entered into any agreement with Maharashtra in May month and what agreement will take place between the Telangana and Maharashtra governments’ on August 23 on Kaleswaram project.


Speaking to the media here on Saturday, Ponnam charged Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao with misguiding the people on irrigation projects. He asked the BJP as to why it was not responding on the Kaleswaram project. He demanded both the BJP and TRS to respond on the agreement going to be inked on August 23 and to tell what it will be called. Asking the government to tell as to why it was organized rallies and processions in May, Ponnam demanded the government to reveal as to what agreement has been taken place in May. (NSS)