Ponguleti slams JC for dubbing T Congress leaders as waste fellows

Taking serious exception at Anantapur MP JC Diwakar Reddy for making controversial remarks against Telangana Congress party, Congress MLC Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy said Diwakar Reddy should have worked for the Congress in Tadipatri if he was sincere. “We don’t need anybody’s certificate”, he retorted.

It may be recalled that JC Diwakar Reddy, on Wednesday, said the Congress party was not working effectively in the Legislative Houses in Telangana State. He had also said the Congress was on death bed in Andhra Pradesh and it was not up to the mark in Telangana State. He had also said the Telangana Reddy community leaders were “useless” compared to their Seemandhra counterparts.

In a chitchat with mediapersns in the CLP office in the presence of AICC member V Hanumanth Rao on Thursday, Sudhakar Reddy alleged that it was not proper for Diwakar Reddy to pass remarks as he wished. “Who is Diwakar to say that? It was also not proper to the Telangana Congress leaders to entertain such people. It is not proper to Diwakar Reddy to refuse tea offered by Telangana Congress leaders by saying that he would not take Telangana Chai…..I take only Andhra chai”, he said.

Sudhakar Reddy said JC Diwakar Reddy visited the CLP office as a guest and Telangana Congress leaders respected him and offered Chai. “Diwakar Reddy should have accepted tea from Telangana Congress leaders. But he bluntly refused Telangana Chai with a provocative remark”, he charged.

Sudhakar Reddy said he would raise the issue in the party forums. “The Congress party is slowly picking up in Telangana. How can JC say the party leaders were not working up to the mark? Diwakar Reddy should have worked for the Congress party instead of joining TDP. How can Diwakar, who is now TDP MP, give a certificate to the Telangana Congress party. We don’t need his certificate anymore”, he retorted.

Sudhakar Reddy said it has become a habit to everyone to comment against the Congress and malign it by making provocative remarks. How could he make comments in the name of caste (Reddy)? Is it proper to compare Telangana Reddys with Andhra Reddys and saying that Telangana Reddys were useless  people”, he bemoaned.  He also retorted at JC Diwakar Reddy saying that Diwakar was afraid of Paritala Ravi when the latter was alive. “We knew everything what JC is. Today he is speaking about “Pourusham”, he ridiculed.

Sudhakar Reddy also said Diwakar Reddy came to Telangana Assembly only to meet Transport Minister P Mahender Reddy on his Travel’s work and made comments only to please the ruling TRS party and to see that his work was done by the TRS government. The TRS government will do the work of JC Diwakar Reddy as the latter criticized the Congress which was slowly picking up in the State, he observed. (NSS)