Ponguleti Hails Pilot Abhinandan’s bravery

Hyderabad: Congress party MLC P. Sudhakar Reddy on Friday hailed the bravery shown by captured Indian Air Force Pilot Abhinandan in taking on the rival Pakistan’s aircraft and said that all Indians were proud of him. He also hailed the IAF’s combat against the Pakistan’s combat aircrafts and their efforts to thwart the attempts of the enemy nations’ plans to target military installations in the country.

In a statement, Reddy said that the stand adopted by the country in eliminating terrorism from soil of the country had become a thorn for Pakistan, which was encouraging terror organisation to unleash a blood bath in the country, especially in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that the surgical strikes launched by Indian Air Force pilots on terror hotspot Balakot which is located in Pakistan occupied Kashmir had won the laurels from all the world nations. He noted that what had attracted the entire nation was the attitude shown by the IAF pilot Abhinandan while he was in the captivity of the Pakistan;’s armed forces. He said that Abhinadan did not reveal any secret of the country in spite of the fact that he was detained by the rival nation’s armed forces.