‘Pollution, sun damage driving demand for chemical peels’

Kolkata: Pollution and skin damage by sun exposure is driving the demand for chemical peels, experts said here on Friday, cautioning against getting the procedure done by unqualified beauticians.

“Chemical peels are very mild acidic agents. We use different kinds of acids for beautification. Pollutants affect our skin in our day to day life… the dermis level of the skin which bears the brunt of pollutants,” Naren Pandey, an allergy and asthma consultant, told IANS here.

“Pollution as well as the sun are the major factors influencing the popularity of chemical peels… sun is one of the biggest culprits wreak havoc on skin. Bad sun rays are affecting our skin,” Pandey said.

Pandey said peels can be used to tackle pigmentation, dead skin cells and also as a cosmetic procedure to enhance skin glow for face, neck and hands. Physicians apply alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), trichloroacetic acid (TCA), or phenol to the skin.

“To remove all this we use very mild acids to paint on the face… leave it for few minutes depending on the severity and neutralise it and this gives a glow and washes away the dead skin etc. There are different types of acids which we use and beauticians would not know which acid to use under which condition and for what time,” he said.

Further, a patch test to check for allergic reactions before embarking on the procedure is not usually carried out at salons, said Pandey, vouching for the safety of chemical peels.

“Patch test would not be known at the salons. Several times people come to us with burns after visiting parlours,” Pandey said.

Stressing on professional competency, veteran dermatologist R.N. Dutta also advocated visiting qualified practitioners.

“It is a dangerous practice that sometimes people get some basic training and are employed at these salons. Instead of running after big branded salons, people should be aware of the intricacies and consider doctors,” Dutta said.

Chemical peels, micronutrients for skin, rejuvenation and fat grafting from skin and other hot topics in cosmetic and aesthetic surgery and medicine will be discussed by delegates across Asia at the two-day ‘Aesthetica Asia’ 2016 conference, beginning here on Saturday, said Dutta, the organising chairman of the event under the aegis of Eastern India Cosmetic Dermatology Research Academy.