‘Pollution free power generation through hydrogen possible’

‘Pollution free power generation through hydrogen possible’

New Delhi [India]: Current ways of generating electricity is becoming a bane for the whole world, be it conventional or non-conventional source.

Dumping of coal ashes, radioactive used fuel rods among many others are highly dangerous to the environment and humanity.

Latest research done in India has given hope to the world to generate electricity without damaging self or the environment. The recently patented hydrogen Power for producing electricity has become one of the best ways to generate electricity.

The latest hydrogen powered electricity generation is based on the principle that when molecules of hydrogen and oxygen combine, they generate some amount of energy which can be used move the turbine to extract power.

“Hydrogen Power is the only harmless resource that humanity has to produce electricity without harming the environment. Other non-conventional devices can do the same. However, HP can turn turbine anywhere and at any time where there is water. The proposal is based on the Faraday’s principles of electric charge that when molecules of hydrogen and oxygen reunite as pure source, they provide a blast of energy. Each molecule generates 286 KJ of work and with 1022 molecules in a gram of water, the energy becomes an explosion. This energy can be used to turn the turbine and the resultant water is reused (sent back to a water tank reservoir),” said Dr JK Barthakur, patent holder.

Water and hydrogen are very common and abundant in the atmosphere and our environment. Hydrogen power is the logical and environmental friendly resource available in India (and in any part of the world) with no bad effects on the environment.

Many experiments have been conducted throughout the world to extract energy from hydrogen and water, but the reason for their failure was the presence of pollutants in the earlier experiments. Many cars running on hydrogen power also failed to pass the pollution test due to the fact that the source of hydrogen used as input was not substantially pure.

But the latest research done in India makes use of substantially pure oxygen and pure hydrogen which combines and produces energy to eventually become electricity without pollution. The feasibility of this method has already been validated by the IIT Delhi and the government of Australia has granted patent. The team is all set to get patented worldwide subsequently with practical experiments and further R&D.

“Requirement of a well structured IC Engine to tackle the force of the swift explosion, is one of the prime concerns in order to evacuate the high speed instant vacuum created. R&D is necessary to devise new set of sparking plugs that will operate with electricity or laser beam to cause unfailing sparking in very humid conditions; and at the same time withstand explosive force for a long time,” said Professor Rajesh Khanna, HOD, Chemical Engineering, IIT-Delhi

Even though the system can afford it due to its high efficiency (1:1000 – input: output), but if the location of the ICE is made such that it gets input water without having to recycle the water back to its source, then the work-efficacy of the ICE will enhance. (ANI)