Polluters to face 5-year jail term in Nepal

Kathmandu: The Nepal government has introduced a new law where anyone found guilty of polluting will be jailed for five years, an official from the Department of Environment said on Wednesday.

As per the new Criminal Code that came into force on August 17, anyone found guilty of producing mechanical noise, extreme heat and wastage without the consent of authorised government officials will be jailed for five years or fined 50,000 Nepali rupees ($450) or both.

“The criminal code has provisioned that stringent action can be taken against those who are found involved in polluting the environment. Introducing the new law to control the pollution is indeed a positive aspect,” Safala Shrestha, a Department spokesperson, told Xinhua news agency.

“Introducing laws are not enough, the implementation part is more challenging and for this it needs good coordination among the government agencies,” she said.

The government’s move has come amid rising concerns from multiple sectors including environmentalists regarding pollution in the Himalayan country.