Politics on death

No one would have thought that the politics on the death of M Karunanidhi would reach to such an extent that the matter would reach to court. The Tamil Nadu government by refusing land for the burial of Karunanidhi on the beach showed that the political animosity doesn’t end even after the death. The pathetic treatment meted out to Karunanidhi even after his death was very unfortunate. It was not only political animosity but racism and religious prejudice working behind it.

It must be noted that the rivals of late Karunanidhi declared him as anti-Hindu while it was not the fact. He was not anti-Hindu but was against forcing Hindi on Tamilians. Unfortunately, as the Marina burial was denied for Karunanidhi, DMK had to move the Madras high court on Tuesday night. The court on Wednesday directed the Tamil Nadu government to allot a space near Anna memorial on Marina Beach for a decent burial of Karunanidhi.