Politics should change for people: Kadiam

Deputy Chief Minister Kadiyam Srhari today said that political parties  should change in accordance with changing times and people aspirations. He was addressing a a seminar conducted to mark 127th birth anniversary of Vietnam leader Hochi Minh at FTAPCI Auditorium, Redd Hills organised by All India Peace & Solidarity Organisation (AIPSO) on Friday.


Along with Vietnam Ambassador to India Tanh Sinh Thanh, CPI national secretary Dr K Narayana, Telangana Secretary Ch Venkat Reddy and others Srihari released a Book titled “Hochi Minn Life Story” on the occasion. Srihari said that communism need not essentially be among the left parties and ideology should help people to resolve their problems. Unless the leaders come to the rescue the people will not support the political parties including that of left parties he said. Srihari denied to study the Vietnam style of single party communist rule and its success he said that Hochi Mann adopted violent way of guerilla fight to achieve freedom while Gandhiji choose non violence for freedom. Similarly the people supported the leadership of K Chandrasekhar Rao to come to power he said. If the people are not giving support to the political parties there must be some lacunae or lapse either in the leaders or in the ideologies and parties which should be changed. Telangana is the youngest state with three years of dispensation is needless to compare itself with Vietnam with 72 years old he said. The Deputy Chief Minister also said that Norway, Denmark, Sweden and other nations also witnessing rapid growth and progress.

Getting nostalgic, he said while pursuing B.Sc., in the university in 1969 to 1975 some persons used to visit their hostels and teach classes about Vietnam war and similar issues and probably provoking us into revolutions which we could not understand properly.

Srihari said that the Indians are peace lovers and will not revolt even if they do not get basic amenities and infrastructure. So keeping their needs and changing times in view the leaders and the governments have to implement scheme and programs for providing them with basic amenities and resolve their issues he said. Srihari said that youth should read the book on Hochi Minh. I will make efforts to purchase the books by the government and make them available in all the libraries across the state he said.

CPM leader Julakanti Ranga Reddy, MLC and AIPSO national president, Yadav Reddy, CPI leader and AIPSO national general secretary Dr Sudhakar, T Yadaiah, K Satyanaraya Gupta, M Jagan, Rekha Rani and other participated. (NSS)