Did the politicians know the cancellation of notes before hand – crores of rupees turned in to assets?

Hyderabad: Was the news of cancellation of currency notes already known to the politicians before hand is a big question remains to be answered? This move of Govt. of India has very badly hit those who had black money. Did they not convert money into assets? In the city, very recently transactions of thousands of acres of lands were finalized.

When the Govt. takes a policy decision or has plans to develop a certain area, politicians and their supporters know these thinks beforehand. The land dealings made recently have come under scanner. There are many businessman in Telangana who have purchased lands recently at exorbitant rates. It has also been learnt that some “Benami” transaction have also taken place. Soon after the announcement of cancellation of currency notes, the price of gold has gone up.

It has come to be known that the political leader one hundred acres of land near Jalpally.

—Siasat News