All political parties in Telangana in a mood for mid-term polls

All political parties in Telangana in a mood for mid-term polls

Hyderabad: Sudden changes in political activities in Telangana have strengthened the forecast of the political analysts that most of the political parties of Telangana State want mid-term polls.

The way in which KCR started slamming opposition parties indicated that TRS is in a mood for holding mid-term polls. Opposition parties have also intensified their activities.

It may be mentioned that CM of Telangana State, Mr. KCR got the survey done twice in the past 6 months to assess the strength of TRS in Telangana and also to review the functioning of the TRS legislators.

In the survey conducted, a claim has been made that out of 119 Assembly seats TRS would be able to get 111 seats but the opposition parties are not prepared to accept the results of the survey. In the internal circles of TRS also different opinions are being expressed about the genuineness of the survey.

It is reported that KCR wants mid-term polls before opposition parties intensify their activities. KCR is reported to have consulted his close confidants about mid-term polls. They are of the opinion that by 2019 opposition parties would get an opportunity to muster support against the Govt. TRS wants to foil the efforts of opposition parties.

Recently, CM targeted Congress, TDP and BJP in harsh words. It indicates that he wants to contest opposition parties. He also condemned Amit Shah for his speech made in Hyderabad.

It is also reported that CM has decided to conduct a separate survey to measure the popularity of TRS. He has also instructed the officials to collect the details of beneficiaries of various schemes. He told the ministers and MLAs not to take the trouble of coming to CM’s camp office. Instead, they should spend more time in their constituencies. They should not come to CM’s camp office unless they are called.

Although CM has indicated that all the sitting MLAs would be getting TRS party ticket, he has an eye on the functioning of MLAs.

Vice President of AICC, Mr. Rahul Gandhi will blow the whistle for the next General Elections on his visit to Telangana on 1st June.

–Siasat News