Political parties apprehensive on Owaisi’s purvanchal visit, to hurl shoes and eggs at him

Uttar Pradesh will witness assembly elections in a few months time and all the political parties are busy wooing the voters by making elections promises and looking disturbed as the two-day whirlwind tour of AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi is on the cards.

Though the tour is yet to begin but the leader in purvanchal have started giving one or the other statement against the MIM leader. One such party which has no political weight and always in the news for giving cheap statements, threatened Owaisi that he would not be allowed to enter purvanchal.

Commenting on the tour of Owaisi Yogi Adityanath said that, the activists Hindu Yuva Vahini will hurl shoes and chappals at Owaisi whenever he conducted his rally or whenever his convoy passed .This could create a law and order problem in the state.

However Owaisi says that entire country is his and he can go anywhere. He has every right to go anywhere in the country independently and no one can snatch this right from him.