Political discourse reaching a new low: VP Naidu

New Delhi: Vice President Venkaiah Naidu on Friday said that political discourse is reaching a new low at present and that it needs to be urgently reversed.

“It is a matter of concern that political discourse is reaching a new low in recent years. We should reverse this trend at the earliest. People in public life should understand that they are only rivals, not enemies.”

He further added that political rivals should not consider each other as enemies.

“We should consider each one of our friends, who are in different political spectrum, our rivals only. It is only competition, healthy competition that is required,” Naidu said.

“The country must be united in its resolve to make every inch of the country safer but the neighbouring country is aiding and abetting terrorism,” he added.

Speaking on the issue of the recent terror attack in Pulwama, which claimed lives of over 40 CRPF personnel, Naidu said, “The efforts of the neighbouring country to destabilise India can no longer be tolerated.”