Policy paralysed govt can’t secure victory over Covid: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday accused the central government of being “policy paralysed” and said that it cannot secure victory over coronavirus.

In a tweet, the Congress leader said, “A policy paralysed GOI cannot secure victory over the virus. Face it. Don’t fake it.”
Earlier on April 28, Gandhi had hit out at the central government stating that a large amount of public money was spent on the companies that make the coronavirus vaccine and now the same vaccine is being sold to the public at higher prices.

He had said that no other country in the world had such high-cost vaccines and criticised Prime Minister Modi-led government for robbing people for his friends.

“People’s money was given to vaccine companies to develop Covid vaccines. Now, GOI will make same people pay the highest price in the world for these vaccines. Once again, the failed ‘system’ fails our citizens for Modi-mitrs’ profit,” Gandhi had tweeted.

Before this, Gandhi had said that the Centre is not allowing the actual data about coronavirus to reach the people.
Taking to Twitter, he had said that the PM Narendra Modi-led government is controlling the facts of the data related to the pandemic.

“Like employment and development, the Central government is not allowing the actual data about corona to reach the people. They may have not been able to control the pandemic but managed to control the truth about the pandemic,” his tweet read.

India has been witnessing a surge in COVID-19 amid the devastating second wave. On Sunday, the country registered 3,68,147 new coronavirus infections and 3,417 related deaths, informed the union health ministry on Monday morning. With this, the cumulative count of the cases has gone up to 1,99,25,604.

The daily spike had reached its peak of over four lakh cases on May 1 but came down to 392,488 cases yesterday.
The cumulative death toll has mounted to 2,18,959. Currently, there are 34,13,642 active cases of COVID-19 in the country, as per the government data.