Police Warn People against Drunken Driving

The Police officials today conducted a Drunken drive counciling programme at LB  nagar Goteti kalyan function hall.

The officials said they are adopting a scientific approach and roping in professional counsellors for drunk driving counselling. Dr Devika from Amriuta Foundation supporting them  in professional counselling. Daytime DD checks also being conducted.  5873 persons caught so far this year, and  202 persons jailed.


The officials advised the people not to  get caught for drunken  driving  and go to jail. It will lead to problems for you and your family too. They asked excise officials to strictly monitor the liquor outlets and bars and clubs.


Around 200 persons who were caught for drunk driving were administered oath.


Traffic  DCP Ramesh Naidu, DCP LB nagar Tafshir Iqbal, ADCP traffic Divya charan rao, ACPs  participated in this programme.(NSS)