Police stop Bilawal Bhutto’s convoy in Pakistan’s Uch Sharif

Uch Sharif (Punjab) [Pakistan]: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto’s convoy was briefly stopped by Police in Punjab province’s Uch Sharif.

He was scheduled to address a public gathering here.

“Banned organizations are being encouraged, facilitated and promoted to contest elections while we were stopped by Punjab police barricades today in Uch Sharif. Will continue to take our message to every part of the country come what may,” tweeted Bilawal.

“Chairman @BBhuttoZardari and his vehicles have been stopped by Punjab police on way to Ucch Sharif Mazar and jalsagah for the last 25 minutes! Totally unacceptable and illegal to blockade the path of any political party on election campaign route. ECP, Govt please notice and act,” tweeted leader of opposition in the senate of Pakistan Sherry Rehman.

The Bhutto scion’s election rally was stopped on its way to the Shrine in Uch Sharif by the Punjab police that cited “security reasons” for the action.

The police claimed that the security clearance for visiting the shrine was not obtained. However, the PPP denied these claims.

“All permissions were duly taken but told that hi level police officials gave the order to stop @BBhuttoZardari’s caravan, now on way to jalsagah. Am putting the Punjab Govt on notice that it’s their responsibility to secure us and keep things peaceful,” tweeted PPP leader Sherry Rehman.

“PPP leaders slammed the police for stopping the convoy and called the act discriminatory,” reported Geo TV.

Bilawal started his campaign last week from Sindh’s capital city of Karachi, where his convoy was pelted with stones. Although Bilawal escaped unharmed in the attack, a window of his car was smashed by miscreants.

Since then he has visited Hyderabad, Thatta, Tando Jam, Hatri Bypass, Mithiani, Hala, Nawabshah, Moro, Kazi Ahmed and Sanghar in Sindh.

Pakistan is slated to hold general elections on July 25. Bilawal is contesting from NA-246, Karachi.