Police search all places of Nayeem throughout State

After killing of renegade Maoist and gangster Mohd Nayeemuddin alias Nayeem, the State police have conducted extensive searches at the places of Nayeem throughout the State.


Nayeem was killed in an exchange of fire on August 8 at Sri Laxminarsimha Nilayam, Millenium Township in Shadnagar town. The State Police have conducted extensive searches throughout the State in the house and dens of the gangster, his associates and seized various items like arms, ammunition, explosives, gold ornaments, cash, vehicles, cell phones, a large number of documents related to land transactions and also arrested the offenders in various cases registered throughout the State, a release from the DGP’s office stated.


The police searched the den of Md. Nayeemuddin at Millenium Colony, seized Pistols/Revolvers-04, Stengun-01, AK 47 Rifles-02, their ammunition and explosives, Cell phones-17, Maruthi Swift Dzire Car, Honda Amaze Car and a Scooty, net cash of Rs.3,74,660/-, 5½ tolas gold ornaments and other material.  Besides 121 documents related to agricultural lands and house plots were also seized and arrested  Smt.Saleema Begum W/o Late Qayyum R/o Khaja Mohalla Bhongir, Md. Abdul Mathin @ Feroz S/o Khadeer, Laxminarsimha Nilayam, Millinium Township, Native of Ashoknagar, Miryalaguda Smt.Haseena Begum W/o Nayeemuddin, Khaja Mohalla, Bhongir, Nalgonda district and Smt.Kaleema Mahin W/o Mathin, 30 years, R/o Laxmi Narsimha Nilayam Millinium Township, Native of Ashoknagar. (Subject matter of Crime No.410/2016 U/s 120 (B), 386 IPC, Sec. 25 (1-B) (a), 27 IA Act., Sections 4&5 of ES Act., of Shadnagar Town PS)


Raids were extensively conducted in Nalgonda Town, Bhongir, Miryalguda and Cyberabad on the gang members and relatives of Md. Nayeem were arrested and various materials were seized from their possession.


Police searched the house of Asmath Tajamul Arah W/o Mohd Hafeez, aged 42 yrs., House wife, Chaitanyapuri Colony, Nalgonda (cousin sister of Gangster Nayeem ), seized country made revolver-01, cheque books-05,  Bank Pass books-06, land documents-36 xerox copies, land documents-05 (Original) promissory notes-04, gold loan documents-8 for Wg.19 tulas, cell phones-20, Talwar-01, Laptop-01, Computer hard disk and arrested her.( Subject matter of Crime No. 245/2016 U/s 384 IPC and 25(i) IA Act., of PS Nalgonda I Town)

The police searched the house of Totakuri Venkatesham,  MPP Bhongir  R/o Pagidipally village of Bhongir Mandal of Nalgonda district ( who is associate of the gangster Nayeem) and seized Country made tapancha with (4) rounds, Land documents-01, Plot documents-01, Title deed-01 and  Pass book-01 from his possession and arrested him. ( Subject matter of Crime No. 154/2016 U/s 384 IPC, 25(i) (a) (b) of Arms Act. 1959 of Bhongir Rural PS ). Police searched the house of the accused MD. Nasar,  Councillor 27th Ward of Bhongir Town (Associate of the gangster Nayeem) and seized one country made tapancha with four rounds and cash Rs. 71,500/- from his possession and arrested him. ( Subject matter of Crime No. 226/2016 U/s 384 IPC, 25(i) (a) (b) of Arms Act. 1959 of Bhongir Town PS ).


Police searched the houses of the accused Konapuri Shankar and Konapuri Srishylam and Gandu Venkataiah R/o Dasireddigudem H/o Redla Repaka of Valigonda Mandal and seized one country made tapancha with (6) rounds, hand grenade-01, detonators-02, net cash 5,50,000/-, Cell phones-3, land documents and pattadar passbooks with title deeds from their possession and affected their arrest. ( Subject matter of Crime No. 127/2016 U/s 384 IPC, 25(i) (a) (b) of Arms Act. 1959 and 5 of ES Act. Of Valigonda PS)


Police searched the house of Gummadavelli Sreenu @ Tamata Sreenu, N/o.Naidupalem (V) of Haliya (M), Nalgonda (Rowdy sheeter) and seized  Tapancha-1, Land documents-09, Land documents-07 (Xerox), land passbooks – 06, Promissory notes – 04, Agreement bonds – 2 (original), Land Patta Certificates -02, Bank Passbooks – 02 (Original) and one ATM Card.  (Subject matter of Crime No. 248/2016 IPC, U/s 384 IPC, 25(i) (a) (b) of Arms Act. 1959 of Nalgonda I Town PS). The accused are absconding and yet to be arrested. Police searched the house of the accused Shaik Jahangeer (Rowdy sheeter) S/o Shaik Sayeed, Occ: Bed maker R/o Manyam chelka of Nalgonda district and seized Talwar-01, Promissory notes013 (Original), 03 Xerox and one cell phone. Accused is absconding. ( Subject matter of Crime No. 247/2016 U/s 384 IPC, 25(i) (a) (b) of Arms Act. 1959 of Nalgonda I Town PS).

Police searched the house of Mrs. Syed. Farzana W/o Sadiq, aged 35 years., Syed. Sadeeq S/o Lateef, Syed. Sultana W/o Latheef all R/o Eedulaguda and seized land documents-240, Mobile Phones-72, Mobile phone chargers-28, gold mangala pustela golusu-02, pairs of ear studs-02, matnies one pair, ear rings-02 pairs, gold rings five, gold bangles-02, two rows of Chandra haram, three rows of Chandra haram, country made revolver-01, detonators-04, net cash Rs.4,05,700/- and Swift Car bearing No. TS-11/ ED-5867 from their possession and arrested them.  ( Subject matter of Crime No. 199/2016 U/s 384 IPC, 25(i) (a) (b) of Arms Act. 1959 and 5 of ES Act  of Miryalaguda  I Town PS)

Police along with Revenue officials searched the house in Plot No.105, Alkapuri Township, Neknampur (v) and apprehended two women namely Farhana W/o Late Syed Ahmed, N/o Prakashnagar, Miryalaguda of Nalgonda district and Smt. Afsha @ Inshiyad W/o Amer, aged 22 years., (Nayeem’s driver’s wife) Native of Eedulagudem of Miryalaguda and seized Pistols-04, Dummy revolver-01, live rounds-227, bullet proof jacket-01, Butcher knives-03, axe-02 and cash Rs.2,08,52,400/- and gold jewellery weighing 1.90 Kgs, Silver items wg. 873 grams, mobile Cell phones with SIMs-258,  gelatine sticks-10 with detonators, Audi Car-01, motor cycles-02, Scooty(s)-03 and other items, pass books, cheque books and  original registered documents-203 affected the arrest of the above two women. (9) Children who were found in the house were sent to rescue home. (Subject matter of Crime No. 447/2016 U/s 3,4 &5 of ES Act., 1908, Sec. 25(i) (B) (a) of IA Act., Sec. 120-B, 342, 366, 384, 420, 467, 468, 471, 506 R/w 109 IPC of Narsingi PS of Cyberabad).

Police searched the houses of the accused 1) Neela Sridhar Goud S/o Mutyalu, R/o Bhavani Enclave, Injuapur ( Driver of Fayeem), 2) Punna Balaram S/o Chandraiah, aged 36 years., R/o Plot No. 71-B, Haripuri Colony, Saroornagar (Associate of Nayeem) and seized cash Rs.38,50,000/-, Pistols-3, live rounds-22, land documents-30 xerox copies, CPU, bank passbooks, Cell phone-01 etc.,  ( Subject matter of Crime No. 639/2016 U/s 25 (1-B) (a), 120 (b) of IA Act., 384 IPC of Vanasthalipuram PS of Cyberabad East ).

Since all these cases appear to be related and of various districts, therefore, a Special Investigation Team (SIT) headed by Y. Nagi Reddy, IPS, IGP, North Zone, HFAC: West Zone has been formed by the DGP, TS, Hyderabad to investigate the cases. Victims of Nayeem are requested to inform the SIT on Mobile No. 9440627218 or nearest Police station. Anybody having knowledge about the Nayeem gang are also requested to inform the SIT Team and help in unearthing the activities of the gang. (NSS)