Police resume ‘Mission Chabutra’, arrest youth, conduct parents’ counseling

South Zone Police resumed ‘Operation Chabutra’ again on Thursday night and clamped down on youth.

‘Operation Chabutra’ is a police drive against late night sitting in front of the homes (chabutra – platform abutting a wall) and standing on the street corners and discussing various issues, commonly known as “Mission Chabutra”.

It is said that 10 special teams under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner of Police South Zone Mr. V Satya Narayana carried out the operation and detained 192 youth including 24 minors sitting on chabutras or roaming about the streets. Police conducted counseling of youth in a marriage hall located at Falaknuma in the presence of their parents.

DCP Mr. Satyanarayana told that a youth died of severe burns he sustained while practicing fire stunts in Falaknuma area hence police has resumed the Operation Chabutra to put a curb on such kind of incidents.

Siasat news