Police raids in five States indicate Emergency in the offing: Arundhati Roy

New Delhi: Marashtra police conducted raids simultaneously in five States since early morning of Tuesday. The police conducted raids in Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Jharkhand and Hyderabad at a time at the houses of Dalits, human rights activists, writers, adivasi rights activists and their relatives’ houses.

The Pune police conducted these raids with the help of local police in all States. Tension prevailed in all the five States as the Pune police conducted raids without issuing pre-warning.

In Hyderabad, the Pune police with the help of Telangana police produced revolutionary writer Varavara Rao in Nampally court in Hyderabad. The police were also conducted raids in the houses of journalists Kurmanath, Kranthi and EFLU Professor K Sathyanarayana’s houses in Hyderabad.

In Mumbai, the police conducted raids on the houses of Arun Ferira, Susan Abraham, Vernan Gonsalvez, Anand Theldunde. In Jharkhand the police conducted raids in Adivasi rights activist Stan Swamy and in Delhi, the police conducted raids in Goutham Navlakha. In Chattisgarh, the police conducted raids in Faridabad human rights advocate Sudha Bharadwaj. The police detained all later. The police also seized cell phones, laptops, mobiles, pen drives, diaries and audio CDs in the raids.

It is learnt that the raids in five States took place in the context of alleged conspiracy of killing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the violence raised during Bheema-Koregoan protests. It is learnt that the police filed cases under Anti-Law Activities (eradication) Act under IPC Section 153A, 505, 117, 120 against them.

On the other hand, several peoples unions and human rights activists were angered at the police alleging that these arrests were illegal arrests. They said on the occasion that they will wage movements against these arrests. In Hyderabad, Veekshanam magazine editor N Venugopal alleged that the Centre hatched a conspiracy to suppress the democratic voices with the help of Maharashtra and Telangana governments and as part of it the Centre resorted to arrests in five States.

Social activist and writer Arundati Roy said the arrests were reflecting that the days were nearing for Emergency which never seen earlier. She asked the police to tell as to why they were not arresting the mass killing assailants in broad day light. These arrests were clearly stating as to where the nation was going, she said. Why the police were arresting lawyers, poets, writers, dalith rights activists and intellectuals, she asked the centre. She alleged that the governments were honouring the murderers and holding celebrations for killing others. The centre was describing the persons, who question the Hinduthwa atrocities, as criminals, she pointed out. She said that the centre arrested the activists as part of initiatives to face the coming elections. “We won’t keep quiet. We will face it unitedly. If we don’t face it we will lose our total freedom”, she said.