Police officers, politicians, spending sleepless nights after Nayeem’s diary revealed startling facts

Hyderabad: SIT which is probing into Maoist-turned-Gangster Muhammad Nayeemuddin’s case has recovered diaries in which the gangster narrated how he did settlements, he also clearly mentioned how they helped him and how he paid back to them. The dreaded gangster used codes names for each person involved in the settlements. On various occasions, He used the Code Names ‘Chintu Sir’ & ‘Terror Boss’. Nayeem maintained close relations with these two mystery men. Both of them should be police officials, SIT officials suspected. He also offered expensive gifts to ‘Chintu Boss’. SIT is seriously investigating in decoding the code names which will surely put Nayeem close aides, cops, and politicians behind bars.

Nayeem’s diaries are exposing several politicians, top police officials, traders, real state businessmen who had a good image among public. According to reliable sources the police officials who used Nayeem as police informer are more worried as they not only used Nayeem as the informer but also utilised his services for land grabbing and vacating lands. Several police officials are said to have possessed Benami properties.

Few Officials who transformed Informer to Gangster also helped him in doing crimes and who never bothered to take action against him. SIT is also identifying the Policemen who received favours from Nayeem. It is learnt that this action team played crucial role in Nayeem’s crime and this team used to safe guard Nayeem.

Since SIT found Nayeem’s diary top police officials are spending sleepless nights. Politicians are also equally worried.

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