Police officers babysit infant as mother completes exam

Hyderabad: In a heartwarming gesture, a team of police constables was seen taking care of a six-month-old baby boy while his mother was appearing for exam here.

The candidate, who was to appear for the Group IV exam, came to Parsi School here on Sunday along with her baby boy and sister. While entering the exam hall, the woman handed over her baby to her sister.

Halfway through the exam, the infant began to cry after feeling uneasy. On hearing the baby’s cries, police constables stationed at the examination center came rushing. Seeing the baby howling, the police couldn’t resist themselves, and one of them held the baby and fed him milk from a bottle later.

“We were posted at this place in view of exams. We noticed that the baby boy was crying and a woman, who was taking care of him, was unable to control the baby. We took the baby and consoled him. Later, we also fed him bottled milk,” said police constable Diwarkar.