Police arrests seven persons involved in illegal manufacture of Gutka

Hyderabad: The sleuths of Commissioner’s Task Force, Central Zone team have arrested seven persons allegedly involved in manufacturing gutkaand marketing illegally on branded name in Begumbazar area today.

Acting on a credible information the police conducted raid on noxious Gutka containing Tobacco contents illegal marketing, sales shops M/s New Royal Chalia Store, New Chalia Store &Mujahid Ali Store, all situated at MJ market, Hyderabad and apprehended (07) accused and Seized noxious Gutka packets which contains Tobacco and Nicotine as ingredients of various brands, police said.

The police seized some material worth of about Rs six lakh used in making gutka.

The arrested were: Mujahid Ali, 28 years, Old Feelkhana, Begumbazar, Mohammed Khaja Moinuddin @ Haji 30 years, near namaz ground, charkandil, Aghapura, Mohammed Faisal, 25 years, troop bazar, Abids, Shaik Mazahar, 27 years, : Edi bazar, Kummariwadi, Shaik Azar Uddin 28 years, Edi bazar, Kummariwadi, Osman-Bin-Ilyas-Zumbali 24 years, near Play Ground, Barkas, and Mohammed Shafi 32 years, Madannapet, Saidabad.

The police is looking out for three other accused who are at large.

Giving details of the case police said the accused by name 1. Anwar Ali 2. Mujahid Ali and 3. Mohammed Haji are running business ( Gutka & Tobacco products sales distribution) on the name of M/s New Royal Chalia Store, New Chalia Store & Mujahid Ali Store, all situated at MJ market, Hyderabad for their livelihood. They are indulging in illegal storage, marketing noxious Gutka products containing Tobacco contents on the name of various brands illegally to gain easy profits. On observation found that they have storage, and selling the Gutka, Jardas which contains Tobacco and Nicotine as ingredients and chewing tobacco product like Chap Tobacco, pure Tobacco, Khaini which packed in pouches/Sachets on the name of various products.

They are purchasing the Noxious Gutak products from Samad, Purshotam, Osman- Bin-Ilyas- Zumbali, Shaik Mazahar, Shaik azar Uddin through Mohammed Faisal and transporting them with the help of Auto trolley driver Mohammed Shafi and clandestinely transporting & storage in their shop and deliver to known and needy customers of Kirana stores, Pan shop vendors to gain easy profits. The New chalia store owner Mohammed Haji receiving Gutka products from Purshotam Traders C/o Shahinayathgunj, Hyderabad.

Since Telangana State has banned the sale, manufacture, distribution and storage of gutka and all its variants. After that the accused were planned to earning easy money by way of selling of banned Gutkha in the market as it as much demand in the market. They used to purchase the banned Gutka products & noxious Gutka sachets containing Tobacco contents from the Organizer dealers in cheap rate and deliver to Kirana shops, Pan shops in and around Hyderabad and other areas in high profits and gaining easy profits illegally and the accused violated the food safety and Standards Act 2006.

Seized Noxious Gutka Packets which Contains Tobacco and Nicotine As Ingredients . Seized material market value about Rs. 6,00,000/-. The apprehended accused persons along with seized property were handed over to SHO’s, Abid Road PS and Begumbazar PS for further investigation.(NSS)