Police arrests man for cheating online

Police arrests man for cheating online

Hyderabad: Cyber Crime Marketing Intelligence Team of Central Crime Station, Hyderabad Police arrested a person who was allegedly cheating people under the pretext of selling cars online.

According to the details, M. Vinod, a resident of East Godavari expressed his intention to sell his car on olx.com to one Jyothi Prakash of Film Nagar. Both struck a deal and Mr. Prakash agreed to pay Rs. 3 lakh towards the price of the car but Vinod posing himself as Suri Babu got Rs. 60000 from Jyothi Prakash as advance money. He received the amount online.

The police reported that he used to cheat people by collecting advance money by publishing advertisements and later disappear.

Police arrested him and he was sent to jail.

–Siasat News