Poland gets fund from EU to buy new buses

Warsaw: The southern Polish town of Tarnow received nearly 33 million Polish zloty ($9 million) from the European Union (EU) for purchase of 35 high-tech urban buses, authorities said.

“This is a radical change for the better,” Xinhua news agency quoted Tarnow Mayor Roman Ciepiela as saying.

MPK, the city’s public transport company, will purchase the vehicles, whose engines can be powered by natural gas and canola-based biodiesel among other fuels.

The vehicles are low-floor, air-conditioned, fully disability-friendly and equipped with electronic amenities.

Pointing out that the company’s current fleet comprised 98 buses with an average age of 10 years, MPK’s CEO Jerzy Wiatr said “as of next year, the oldest, least-comfortable and most run-down buses are going to be retired from use” thanks to the influx of new vehicles

In addition to the EU’s funding for the buses, MPK contributed 6 million zloty, which has already been spent on five Scania buses.