Pokémon Go to undergo tweaks to settle lawsuit by neighbours

California: Pokémon Go, the augmented reality game that blurred the lines between the real and virtual, quite literally, resulted in accidents, people losing track of time, and also left some neighbors angry.

Niantic, the company behind developing the uber-popular game, is now looking at settling a class action lawsuit with people who had to face the consequences of having PokéStops placed near their homes.

According to the lawsuit settlement copy shared on Scribd, Niantic will consider complaints received through its website for gamers who trespass. It will also take requests to remove a PokéStop or Gym. The company further promises to take action within 15 days of receiving the complaints about removal of gyms of PokéStop located within 40 meters of the property.

The game will also be added with a new warning to the rotating warnings that appear at the launch of the game that tells gamers to be courteous to members of real-world communities as they play Pokémon Go.

These change in policies will be binding for three years. For those flouting the norms, there will be financial damages as well. For now, the tentative amount of damages is said to be USD 1,000 each for the people named in a lawsuit.