PoK belongs to Pak, will remain there: Farooq Abdullah

New Delhi, Nov. 27 : Creating a fresh controversy, former union minister Farooq Abdullah on Friday said that India needs to give up its conquest of claiming PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) as it will remain in Pakistan and needs to be content with Jammu and Kashmir.

“India has been saying for so long that PoK belongs to them but has anything been done about it? PoK belongs to Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir belongs to India, this is how things will remain,” Abdullah told the media here.

Talking about the tense relations between the hostile nations, the former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister said that war was not the solution and called for a dialogue between the two Asian neighbours.

“India and Pakistan should talk and find a way to solve their problems. War can’t solve anything. We have fought so many of them, but nothing has happened,” Abdullah added.

Slamming Abdullah’s statement, Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Jitendra Singh said that the Indian Government had made its stand clear on the matter and added that it was retrieving the occupied Kashmir from the illegal clutches of Pakistan.

“How can we forget that in year 1994 there was unanimous resolution passed by the Parliament wherein it was clearly stated that as far as J&K is concerned, between India and Pakistan, if at all there’s an outstanding issue, it is that of how to retrieve back the part of J&K which continues to remain illegal occupation even after 60-68 years,” Singh said. (ANI)