PointNine Lintas announces foray into Mar-Tech, launches PROBITEC

New Delhi [India]: Omni-Channel agency PointNine Lintas has announced its foray into Mar-Tech and launched the beta version of its first product, PROBITEC. Deemed world’s first technology platform for activation management, PROBITEC is an end-to-end solution for executing and monitoring on-ground programs for consumer engagement.

“A few years ago, we saw the wave of ad-tech sweeping the advertising business. The action is now shifting towards marketing technologies (mar-tech), and we’re really excited about the possibilities it presents for innovations and inventions. Until now, agencies have primarily viewed their business model as ‘service providers’. At PointNine Lintas, we are committed to an equally strong focus on developing products that can add value to the marketing ecosystem. PROBITEC is a fine example of that, because it offers a platformic solution to a decades-old problem of transparency in the activation business,” said Vikas Mehta – CEO, PointNine Lintas.

LinEngage, the consumer engagement division of PointNine Lintas, has led the product development of PROBITEC in collaboration with technology partner, TalentBridge Technologies – a Bangalore based technology firm.

Served as a mobile app, PROBITEC is a unified platform where field staff, activation agencies and clients can access relevant modules to collaborate, train, manage and monitor assignments simultaneously across multiple geographies around the country.

Salient features include

– Talent assessment and hiring for field staff including promoters

– Training through interactive sessions and multimedia materials for execution

– Geo-location tracking of on ground initiatives including live audio-video streaming

– Real-time monitoring and a live dashboard reporting for clients

– Data capture and database integration for the entire activity

“Clients have echoed about how there is very little control on an activation program once it goes live. Technology can aid in improving monitoring and measurability of activation programs that gives better control and greatly improve its performance and effectiveness. PROBITEC has been designed to achieve this by mimicking a typical activation program workflow with the aim to improve management of activation projects. This can be more effective for the larger & complex projects,” said National Director – consumer engagement PointNine Lintas, Sriharsh Grandhe.

“At TalentBridge Technologies, we are engineered to design world class products but working with PointNine Lintas gave us the opportunity to bring life & relevance to the engineering prowess we had. The most exciting part of working with PointNine Lintas was the shared value, freedom to think beyond the obvious and the joint belief that we are creating a scalable and transparent tomorrow for our clients in Activation using technology. Their vision to create something unique for the activation industry and their absolute belief in us propelled us to deliver this excellence in Activation industry, PROBITEC,” said CEO TalentBridge Technologies, Gaurav Shukla.

PROBITEC derives its name from ‘probity’ (Latin origin ‘probus’), which means adherence to the highest principles and ideals. It aims to set a new standard in transparency for the activation business, while making the entire process more collaborative and efficient. The development cycle for PROBITEC lasted about 15 months including rigorous testing. User testing in live environments has been carried out in over 125 towns and villages spanning 5 states. The beta version continues to be tested for further enhancements, and is currently live in ~200 villages in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Early assignments include brands for an auto-lubricant major, a leading foods company, an entertainment network amongst others. PointNine Lintas is in talks with several large activation clients to create custom-builds of PROBITEC for enterprise level integrations. (ANI)