PM’s LS speech farrago of misrepresentations: Tharoor

New Delhi [India]: Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Wednesday termed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech in the Lok Sabha as a farrago of misrepresentations and half-truths.

Talking to ANI, Tharoor said, “Prime Minister Modi might be a terrific orator but this speech (in Lok Sabha) is a farrago of misrepresentations and half-truths.”

He said the prices of solar panels and gas have come down so it was not right for Prime Minister Modi to take credit for them.

“Everyone knows worldwide prices of the solar panel have come down. And, of course, the gas prices have gone down in the international market,” Tharoor said.

He also questioned as to why were people paying more for diesel and petrol if their prices went down.

On the comparison of three years of UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government with the first three years of (National Democratic Alliance) NDA by Prime Minister Modi, Tharoor said, “Why does not he compare the 10-year average of UPA with the first three years of the NDA ? Had he done so, probably he would have found very-very different numbers.”

The Congress leader said the problem was that all the facts and figures that were given were simply not the figures that can stand up to the detailed scrutiny.

Earlier, Prime Minister Modi tore into the Congress party during his speech in Lok Sabha, for motion of thanks to the President’s address. The Prime Minister directly attacked the Gandhis and the Congress party, blaming them for India’s partition.

“I have proof of how the Congress looted and plundered India. You will pay for your sins. Time has come for you to be held accountable and answerable to the people of India,” Prime Minister Modi said.

He held previous governments responsible for the non-performing assets (NPA) mess.

The Prime Minister said that the banking policies of the previous governments were not proper and the middlemen were happy but the country was suffering. (ANI)