PM must acknowledge devastation due to demonetisation: Congress

New Delhi: As the nation waits for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the nation on Saturday, the Congress party demanded that he should acknowledge the “devastation unleashed upon the people” due to demonetisation.

December 30 was the 50th day of demonetisation, the deadline given by the Prime Minister for the situation to normalise in the country.

“Already he has announced a lottery. He (Modi) is likely to announce incentives for using digital mode of transactions both for traders and consumers. This is something that any government could have done at any point in time,” Congress leader and member of parliament Rajeev Gowda told the media.

“It is something absolutely meaningful in the longer run. We don’t need demonetisation for that.

“These are measures that the government will announce to try and correct some of the damage unleashed on the people of India. We hope he comes up with measures including an acknowledgement of the devastation that he has unleashed on the people,” Gowda said.

“What the Prime Minister is going to do is to throw some more measures that are likely to continue in this pattern of shifting goalposts, changing the original goals of demonetisation, coming up with something new to distract the people of India,” he added.