PM Modi’s ‘Shoot Me’ statement: A genuine concern or fear of slipping Dalit votes?

By Tanwir Alam,

I fully understand that, we have inherited the legacy of problems, as it is the salient features of developing country and discrimination is a very much part of it, neither there is any evidence that it does not exist in the developed nations like USA or Europe. Thus, we have one more very important legacy, which Right Wingers seldom recall, is our togetherness of thousand of years, despite all miseries without such obvious discrimination from the ruling dispensation or at-least head of the state. But, the way Dalits & Minorities are being targeted by the Prime Minister’s ideological cousins and his silence on the issue is certainly a matter of serious concern.

How ironical is that, the Nepalese Prime Minister comes to know about the earthquake in Nepal from the Indian Prime Minister’s twit, he didn’t delay to express solidarity to France upon Nice attack, condemned Orlando & Munich shootings, but not a single word of solace to Akhlaq’s family, who was lynched by his ideological cousins. Not only that, he never sympathized or empathized with two Muslim cattle traders beaten to death by Gau Rakshaks in Jharkhand and hung on the tree including a 14 years old boy, two more cattle traders were beaten in Haryana & forced to eat cow dung…., the list of brutalities is endless & the silence of PM is questionable…!!!

Furthermore, even there was no such “Khulli Chhoot” to hate mongers in Vajpayee Government, neither Shri Vajpayee shown any bias after occupying PMO, despite being a RSS Pracharak and sharing the same ideological background with Prime Minister Modi, but certainly he had a human heart.

Last, but not the least, we are once again emotionally fooled by his “Shoot Me” dialogue, thinking that it was for Dalits, but there are two very important reasons for that, which have nothing to do with Dalit atrocities.

First he has shaken by the fear of losing Dalit votes in UP, Punjab & Gujarat Assembly elections, by seeing the Dalit agitations countrywide & especially in Gujarat. In fact Dalits and Tribals were blatantly used against Muslims in 2002 Gujarat communal riots by RSS, caused maximum damage & later realized that RSS is not their friend too.

Second and equally important reason is that, these so called Gau Rakshaks are causing more damage to the Prime Minister’s beef exporting friends, who have made India the largest beef exporter in the world, than to the Dalits or Minorities.

If, we may recall his famous Pink Revolution dialogue against UPA Government during 2014 Lok Sabha election speech in Uttar Pradesh, then it will not be a rocket science to connect dots that, he put fuel to the fire of this madness called Gau Raksha in 2014 itself, which he is trying to get away in his usual style of Dialogue Baazi….!!!


Courtesy: Muslim Mirror