PM Modi’s note in BJP manifesto highlights work done, party seeks continuity for stability

New Delhi: Seeking re-election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the covering note of the BJP manifesto has highlighted the work done by his government in the last five years and indicated his party’s plan for the next five years.

The BJP manifesto, termed as “Sankalp Patra”, promises to create growth opportunities and development, besides improved safety and security net as the party sought continuity for stability.

“Your vote in 2014 for a strong and decisive government enabled us to fill some of the biggest shortcomings of five decades of dynastic rule in a short span of just five years. Now that these shortcomings have been successfully addressed, imagine the pace at which we can work in the times to come,” the Prime Minister said in the party document released on Monday.

“The next five years are crucial because, in 2022, we mark the 75th anniversary of our Independence. Generations of great women and men laid down their lives so that we could breathe the air of freedom. It is our sacred duty to create the India of their dreams. In 2047, our nation would complete a hundred years of freedom,” he said.

“Let us together imagine what is the kind of India that we want by 2047. The BJP pledges to make the next five years as the foundation laying period for India of 2047. Let us together lay the foundations of this vision now, and work earnestly towards translating this vision into a golden reality,” Modi’s statement said.

BJP president Amit Shah wrote, “This election is not between two political parietes; rather, it is an election to dissipate the negativity that makes us oblivious of our glorious past and our cultural roots and values. This election is not about victory or defeat; rather it is an election to reject those opportunists who trample upon the hopes of the common people for their personal gains. This election is to defeat dynasticism, casteism, communalism and corruption so that India’s democracy can be infused with greater strength.”

Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who was the chairman of the manifesto committee, said this document was a compendium of the party’s promises and commitments made to people of India.

“We have prepared this document after elaborate and extensive discussion with people from different regions, communities and classes across the country through ‘Bharat Ke Mann Ki Baat’, the largest ever collaborative effort to engage citizens in crafting the roadmap of development for the next five years. These direct suggestions from all across the country form the core of our vision document for the 2019 elections. The promises that we have made in it are our commitments to facilitate building a New India,” he said.

According to the manifesto, “As a continuing government, we will build on the foundations laid out in the last five years in terms of re-establishing macro-economic stability, building long-term frameworks of governance, raising India’s international stature, introducing a no-nonsense approach to internal/external security, upgrading the stock of physical/social infrastructure and, most importantly, building a basic safety net for the deprived section of our society. We have demonstrated what all can be achieved by a committed and decisive leadership that is not afraid to take hard decisions.”