PM Modi’s ‘love for camera’, humiliates NITI Aayog CEO in front of Ivanka

NEW DELHI: PM Modi makes sure that wherever he goes he gets the proper media coverage and the recent event was no exception.

And when we say, the media coverage, Mr Modi has a special talent and that’s clearly seen in the video footage that is going viral on social media platforms.

A video footage of Modi, Ivanka Trump and Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant is happened to be from GES 2017 that was recently held in Hyderabad shows how the PM Modi steered Amitabh Kant away, when he realised that the CEO was blocking his flash-worthy moment.

This not the first time PM Modi proved his love for the camera. Earlier, PM Modi pulled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg aside who accidently blocked the cameras while talking to Modi.  Modi almost always know where the camera is.