In PM Modi’s hometown, caste keep Dalit women away from quenching their thirst

Mehsana: Having being got independence since 68 years ago, India is yet to get freedom from caste system.

The caste discrimination seems so powerful that still Dalit women not allowed to takeout water from well in Mehsana’s Bhecharaji village. These Dalit women are at the mercy of Upper caste to quench their thirst.

According to India Samvad report, during the sultry afternoon, some women sit cautiously sit at a distance from a well. Though, they come to fill their pots with water but could not do it on their own as they belong to lower caste ( Dalit).

The village is located in PM Modi’s home state Gujarat which is now ruled by chief minister Anandiben Patel. On being asked why they do not draw water from well, they say that since they are from Valmiki community, they are not allowed to do so.

It’s the Upper caste who has right to drink water from the well. Thus, they wait for someone to pass by them so they could ask them to fill their pots. While some of the passersby agree to help, others ignore them.

These Dalit women are made to wait for water in the sweltering summers every day. Their caste is a constant reminder for them that they are ‘untouchables’ and cannot go to the well to fill the pots themselves.

Thus, on a daily basis, these Mehsana women are dependent on the passerby or some elderly women who would take pity on them and fill the pots with water from the well. These innocent souls still believe that touching the water will pollute it.