Video: India is uniquely qualified to satisfy needs of manpower – PM Modi

Riyadh: Asserting that his government is working to regularise migration, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said India is uniquely qualified to satisfy the needs of manpower that the world requires today.
Prime Minister Modi, who was addressing the Indian workers during his visit to the L&T Workers’ Residential Complex in Riyadh, said it is their perspiration, toil and hard work that has drawn him here.

The Prime Minister said history speaks that there have been several instances of great projects set up by the Indian workers.

“Several times you and your dear ones have written to me, mentioning your hopes, heart breaks and expectations. I feel a part of your family,” he said.

The visiting Prime Minister said his government has started a programme called ‘e-migrate’.

“In the coming days, we are working to regularise migration,” he added.

The Prime Minister promised to open more worker resource centres.

“A second 24*7 Call Centre will be established,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi also talked Madad portal, saying it is a digital way of getting your voice to reach me.

“When our community faces troubles we reach out to them immediately,” Prime Minister Modi said.

“The credit for getting projects like these off the ground, more than anyone else, goes to you,” he added. (ANI)