PM Modi tears into Congress for ‘dragging’ his mother in politics

Chhatarpur: Days after Congress leader Raj Babbar compared the falling of rupee’s value with Prime Minister Narendra Modi mother’s age, the Prime Minister on Saturday slammed the Congress, saying that “one who does not have any agenda for elections, abuses someone else’s mother.”

Prime Minister Modi further stated that Congress could neither compete with him nor discuss the development work and hence was dragging his mother into petty politics. “When a person does not have issues to discuss and has a lot of egos, then he abuses someone’s mother,” he said while addressing an election rally here on Saturday.

“The party which ruled the country for so many years cannot compete with me and hence is abusing my mother. Such a low level of politics is unacceptable,” the Prime Minister said. “They abused my mother; she does not even know the ABC of politics. Still, they dragging her in it,” he added.

Stepping up his attack on the Congress party, the Prime Minister further asserted that the party has a problem with the fact that the people of Madhya Pradesh call Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan ‘Mama ji (maternal uncle)’.
Referring to Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi and Warren Anderson, the Prime Minister asked the Congress to remember their ‘Mamas’ before using foul language for Chouhan.

Quattrocchi was sought by the Indian investigating agencies for acting as a conduit for bribes in the alleged Bofors gun scam, while Warren Anderson served as chairman and CEO of the Union Carbide Corporation and was allegedly responsible for Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984.

“They have this problem that why everybody in Madhya Pradesh calls Shivraj Singh as Mama ji. Before abusing Shivraj, one should remember their Mamas too. They should remember Quattrocchi and Anderson,” the Prime Minister said and alleged that Quattrocchi was permitted to plunder the defense revenue through Bofors scam and Anderson was sent back secretly to his country soon after the Bhopal gas tragedy.

Urging the people not to repeat their mistake by giving their mandate to the Congress party, the Prime Minister asked them to reject the party’s negative politics.

The 230-member assembly state will go to polls on November 28 and the counting of votes will be announced on December 11.