PM Modi is so angry, he is not able to see the beauty of the world: Rahul Gandhi

Chennai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is “so angry” that he is “not able to see the beauty of the world”, Congress president Rahul Gandhi said Wednesday, taking a dig at him.

Gandhi was holding an interactive session with students of Stella Maris College in Chennai where he was asked why he hugged Modi after the Congress leader’s speech in Lok Sabha on the no-confidence motion during the Monsoon Session of Parliament last year.

In his reply, Gandhi said, “Love is the foundation of every religion. Whether it is Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism – the foundation is love. I was sitting in Parliament and watching the Prime Minister give a speech. I have no anger towards the Prime Minister, I don’t have animosity or hatred towards the Prime Minister.”

He said, “I could see that the Prime Minister was very angry and was speaking about me, the Congress party and about how we had done nothing, how filthy we were… (that) my father (Rajiv Gandhi) was a horrible person, my mother (Sonia Gandhi) is a horrible person… He was going on that line.”

Gandhi said, “Inside me, I was feeling affection for him. I was feeling affection that this man is not able to see the beauty of the world. That he is so angry, he is not able to see the beauty of the world. So, I thought at least (from) my side I should show him affection.”

He said, “The people who don’t have affection towards others…the reason (is) because they have not been loved. So, the truth is the Prime Minister unfortunately for whatever reason did not have the type of love that he should have had and that’s why he generates this anger. So, I genuinely feel love for the Prime Minister.”

The Congress president went on to say that “in 2014, I was a young politician…I am still young, but slightly older… And we fought an election. We lost the election, we got thrashed and I realised that the best thing that happened in 2014 for me, my learning, for my understanding of politics of people was that we lost 2014. It was a sad thing, a bad thing, but it was also a very good thing. In a way, I learn from Mr Modi.”

He also said the Prime Minister “trains” him not to reply in anger.

“So, I can’t hate Mr Modi. Do you hate people who teach you things? No. Your biggest teachers are the people who attack you, abuse you. But you will only learn from them if you don’t return them in the same coin. So, if they give you hate and you hate them, you learn nothing. But if they hate you and you hug them, you learn a lot,” he added.