PM Modi silent on rising inflation, says Congress

New Delhi: The Congress on Wednesday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being silent on rising inflation and said that he should call a meeting of opposition leaders and lay down a roadmap for the next 30 days on how to bring down prices of cooking oil, vegetables, food and beverages, pulses and spices.

Addressing a press conference here, Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala said that “inflation and unemployment were the bane of the country today.”

“Retail inflation has surged to an all-time high surpassing even the 2013 level. In last nine months, inflation is going up rapidly every month but the PM is silent,” he said.

“In July 2019 it was 3.15 per cent, in August 3.28 per cent, in September 4 per cent, in October 4.62 per cent, in November 5.54 per cent, in December 7.35 per cent and was now touching 8 per cent,” added Surjewala.

The Congress leader said vegetable prices have gone up by 60 per cent, pulses prices by over 15.5 per cent, food and beverages by 12.5 per cent, meat and fish have gone up by 10 per cent and spices prices have gone up by 6 per cent.

“Today onions are selling at Rs 85 a kg against Rs 8 a kg in 2014. Tomato is selling at Rs 39 a kg, potato at Rs 29 a kg, cauliflower at Rs 58 kg, and garlic at Rs 290 per kg,” he said.

Surjewala said millions and millions of households have “to cut down on their daily food budget, daily nutrition budget”.

“India is on the cusp of an unprecedented food price inflation but the Prime Minister is absolutely silent. We demand that Prime Minister calls a meeting of all opposition leaders and lays down the road map for the next 15 days or 30 days as to how prices of cooking oil, vegetables, food and beverages, pulses, spices are going to be brought down,” he said.