PM Modi shows 56-inch chest because he is weak: Priyanka Gandhi

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh): Congress East UP General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Friday launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi terming him as a “weak Prime Minister” who is not able to tolerate the voices that criticise him.

“An able politician does not fear when people raise their voice. He does not try to suppress them. This government is weak. This Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) is weak. He (PM Modi) does not have will-power,” Priyanka said while addressing a gathering here.

“He (PM Modi) comes before you with a 56-inch chest. Why? Because he is weak. Because he wants democracy to get weakened,” she added.

The Congress leader also drew comparisons between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

“Look at two people– one who does not have the capability to tolerate (PM Modi) and the other who is abused daily (Rahul Gandhi). These people (BJP) abuse him (Rahul Gandhi) daily– about his mother, father, grand-mother but he tolerates them with a smile. He thinks of improving himself and not shutting those who criticise him. This is called political will,” she said.

She also alleged that whosoever asks for his rights is branded “anti-national”.

“Everyone in UP is saying that when we ask for our rights, we are beaten and forced to shut our mouth. Why martyrs shed their blood? For people’s rule. The present government thinks that it is only their rule. They have forgotten that serving people is their Dharma. Whosoever asks for his rights is termed anti-national. ,” said Priyanka Gandhi.

Questioning the nationalist credentials of the BJP, she said, “They say they are nationalist. Will a nationalist government try to suppress the voice of people?”

She also criticised the message in BJP advertisements saying OROP was a “gift” to soldiers from the government.
“I saw a BJP advertisement while travelling from the airport which said “sena ke liye OROP ka uphar”. Tell me if it is a gift or a right?” she questioned.

“Who will change the mentality? What is a well-deserved right of the people, this government is giving that to you as an act of obligation and gift,” the Congress leader said.

Terming people’s awareness as the best form of patriotism, she said, “I am not here to seek votes for Congress only. I am here to seek votes for the country, constitution and democracy. If you allow them (BJP) to win, you will regret the condition of the country after five years.”

The Lok Sabha elections are scheduled to be conducted in seven phases. The first two phases were held on April 11 and April 18. The results will be announced on May 23.