PM Modi proposes membership in International North South Transport Corridor for Turkmenistan

Ashgabat (Turkmenistan), July 11: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who issued a joint statement with Turkmenistan on Saturday, proposed that Turkmenistan becomes a member of the International North South Transport Corridor.

“I proposed that we should explore multiple options including the additional possibility of land sea route through Iran. I convey our interest in the long term investment in the energy sector in Turkmenistan,” he said.

“Connectivity is an area of priority for both the countries. If we use the Iran route, Ashgabat is the first capital we would reach in Central Asia. We are grateful for Turkmenistan’s support to India in joining Ashgabat agreement on trade and transit,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi said that the two leaders had a good discussion on India interest investment in downstream industries including petro chemicals and fertilizers.

“The MoU will enable long term arrangements for supply of fertilizers from here to India. I also proposed that Turkmenistan becomes a member of the International North South Transport Corridor. Together with the Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran rail link and India’s proposed investment in Chabahar port in Iran. Training and Human Resource development is an important are of cooperation,” he said.

The Prime Minister further said that the Agreements on sports and tourism will deepen the contacts between the people of the two nations.

“Later today, I will have the pleasure of unveiling of the bust of Mahatma Gandhi. It will be a reminder of our said commitment to the cause of the peaceful inclusive and a just world. I am looking forward to the inauguration of the Yoga Centre and Traditional Medicines. It is a tribute to our cultural links,” he added.

He further said that it also gives the two nations an opportunity to revive the very old tradition of fruitful cooperation in traditional medicines.

“I also propose to him that Ashgabat could be developed as an International Centre for holistic Health care. I offer full support for each. The Defence Agreement is a reflection of our shared interest in closer security cooperation including in combating terrorism,” he said.

Prime Minister further said that this has been a very short but productive visit.

“I am confident that our relationship will grow in strength in the coming years. I look forward for receiving you in India Mr. President, in the near future,” he added. (ANI)