PM Modi to participate in two key trilateral meetings on G-20 sidelines

Buenos Aires [Argentina]: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will participate in two important trilateral meetings with world leaders here in Argentina on the sidelines of ongoing G-20 summit, said sources.

The world leaders will discuss major global challenges and developments during the meetings.
The Prime Minister will participate in the first-ever trilateral meeting between Japan, America and India and the second Russia, India China (RIC) trilateral meeting, which is taking place after an interval of 12 years.

It can be noted that ‘I’ (India) is the common factor in JAI and RIC which is indicative of India’s growing diplomatic and economic profile in the world.

The timing of the meetings is directly related to the period of major global developments.
India is the global engine of economic growth and will be in the top five economies of the world and is also the factor of stability in the region.

India’s diplomatic front reflects the recognition of the country in assuming the leadership role on global issues of people’s concerns such as climate change, renewable energy, corruption and disaster resilient infrastructure.

These meeting also signify India’s willingness to contribute in a positive and a constructive way in strengthening multilateral institutions like WTO and trying to build a consensus on new ideas like Indo-Pacific.